Potable Water Supply Systems

Potable Water Supply Systems

Our Potable Water Supply Systems

Our potable water supply systems have been successfully utilised across both communities and the industrial sector, resulting in a high-quality product that is suitable for food and beverage processing.

In simple terms, potable means suitable for direct consumption. Our systems incorporate advanced filtration and treatment systems that can transform bore, dam, river, brackish and even seawater into a potable-grade product. This is a sustainable way to meet the high supply and production demands of industries ranging from local government and remote communities, through to agricultural practice, mining and food processing.

With proven performance capabilities, our potable water supply systems have been successfully deployed all over Australia, producing a result that fully aligns with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG). Our system designs are customised to suit your specific production requirements, helping you meet targets without compromising our valuable resource. We have both portable containerised units and mounted systems that offer a more permanent solution.

How Can Our Supply Systems Help You?

The benefits of incorporating our potable water supply systems into your day-to-day operations are significant. Effectively, you’re:

  • Making a contribution towards a sustainable future by limiting waste.
  • Making use of accessible resources.
  • Cutting back your business expenditures as a result of minimised usage.
  • Ensuring your customers receive a high quality, ADWG approved product.
  • Always meeting supply demands to facilitate an efficient product turnaround.

With a successful portfolio of custom designed, manufactured and commissioned water treatment systems, our work has generated over 1,128 megalitres od potable water. And it all began with the passionate team of experts! In total, this figure has supported a community population of over 5,427. We wear these numbers with pride and will continue to dedicate our resources to extend the benefits of our incredible supply systems. Start reaping the rewards of a clean potable water supply system for yourself.

Potable Water Supply Systems
Potable Water Supply Systems

The Reliable Specialists at Membrane Systems Australia

The potable water supply systems we provide are products of experience. Several employees within the Membrane Systems Australia team have all been personally affected by either drought or flood to some degree, instigating a desire to find an affordable and accessible solution that can be transported to even the remotest of communities and townships.

Versatility, portability and quick delivery have become central to our system designs, providing fast treatment solutions. Scalability is another major benefit, with the option of extending your containerised systems to meet increasing production demands. This includes the option of upgrading to more permanent structure that can handle large flow capacities.

An integration we can include while installing your system is 3G/4G telecommunication, which enables you to remotely monitor the entire process. If any issues are detected, we have team of qualified technicians who are available right around the clock to provide the support you need.

If you’re interested in the benefits of our potable water supply systems, organise a consult with our friendly team of experts to narrow down the ideal custom solution to meet your production needs. You can reach Membrane Systems Australia on 1300 851 469 or send your enquiries through our website!

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