About Our Process

Our process exists to demonstrate the level of care we show to each and every one of our clients. We are dedicated to providing a level of service that is hard to come by in our industry, priding ourselves in our support from end-to-end and beyond project completion. We acknowledge that no plan is the same as the last, with our process designed to adapt to the unique requirements and specifications of every project.

Our culture grows from the mindset of Together Everyone Achieves More and that’s why we take the time to develop and maintain successful relations with our clientele while thoroughly understanding and planning each project ensuring all milestone from budget, delivery and performance meet expectations.

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1. Initial contact

If you have a new project that you would like to discuss, please call 1300 851 469, email sales@membranesystems.com.au, or submit a form via our Contact page. A friendly member of our team will be more than happy to assist.

2. Understand your requirements

No water treatment project is the same as the last. That is why we take the time to understand the crucial aspects, requirements and specifications of each and every proposal. This ensures that we recommend, design and manufacture a water treatment solution that is fit for purpose achieving expectations.

3. Discuss purchase options

We offer a range of purchase options to suit an array of industries and individual clientele requirements. Should you only need a temporary solution, our assortment of convenient hire systems are available for short or long-term lease. Should you wish to transition to a more permanent system in time, we can offer the necessary support to do so. Alternatively, we can custom design and manufacture a water treatment facility that is built to your specific water source, demand and application. So, whether you want to provide potable water in remote communities, or desalinate water for an irrigation system, we will find the best solution for you.

4. Engineering design

We can provide systems of various sizes and processes depending on your water feed source, filtrate quality requirement and water usage demands. Additionally, we can sample your water source and advise you on your best option of water treatment to achieve the required water quality, before offering a basic summary quote to contribute to your project budget plan. All of our water treatments plants are fully assembled and are containerised or skid mounted, offering flexibility in portability and installation efficiencies.

5. Manufacture

All of our water treatment plants are constructed in our South Australian manufacturing facility. Materials, instruments and equipment used are where possible locally sourced and always of superior quality to ensure our plants are reliable and maintain longevity.  Before leaving our warehouse, all of our systems are factory tested to ensure they comply with inhouse quality control measures and stringent Australian standards.

6. Install, test & monitor

All of our systems are fully assembled and factory tested before leaving our warehouse. While we are available to be onsite to complete full installation and commissioned handover, we are also flexible and willing to provide the system to the customer or independent body for installation and commissioning. PLC/HMI interface technologies via 3G/4G telecommunications can be utilised within your water treatment plant to improve the overall efficiency of production and operation as it can be remotely monitored and kept running by real time evaluation of output readings of flow rates, various pressures and automated chemical dosing, alerts & alarms with condition status.

MSA offers a complete operation service where we will monitor and operate your entire system for you 24/7.

7. Ongoing service, maintenance & support

We have a team of specialists that share a combined 85 years of experience who are more than happy to provide our clientele with 24/7 – 365 support. We are contactable via telephone, email and in-person consultation to assist you in any way possible. We can connect and review the operation and status of your plant via remote access to assist you in the day to day operation or dispatch one of our service personnel on site equipped with spare parts to perform servicing, repairs or maintenance.

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