PFAS Remediation

PFAS Remediation

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In addition to our PFAS remediation services, we specialise in a range of other waste water management and remediation solutions including desalination, irrigation and the production of potable-grade water. Our team of technicians also provide flexible servicing and maintenance to prolong the efficiency and effectiveness of your systems, which also cover 24/7 emergency repairs.

One of the major benefits of our containerised plants is scalability. We generally customise our models to meet your specific production needs, but additional trains can be deployed to meet growing project capacities.

The MSA team strongly believe that every project presents the opportunity for water recovery; reducing productions costs, helping you meet production demands, and preserving our most valued resource to fuel sustainability. To discuss a custom watery recovery or PFAS remediation system that suits your specific needs—our team are always happy to lend their expert advice.

What’s the Issue With PFAS?

Why have we dedicated an entire division of our business to PFAS remediation? Well, PFAS contamination has finally been recognised as a pressing global issue—both in regards to the environment, and the health of the general public.

In simple terms, PFAS stands for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances which is a group of manmade chemicals that were manufactured in bulk. PFAS have been used for various applications including non-stick appliances and water-repellent clothing, which is an indication of their ability to resist natural elements.

PFAS are also a key component in Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) which was used widely in military and fire-fighting training facilities as a means of fire suppression. Decades of its use has resulted in mass contamination, demanding PFAS remediation efforts to prevent the harmful chemicals that have accumulated from spanning throughout our eco system. That’s where our research and development team come in!

PFAS Remediation
PFAS Remediation

Our PFAS Remediation Efforts

The PFAS Environmental Groundwater Remediation is the sister company of Membrane systems Australia, dedicated specifically to continual research and development in the field of PFAS remediation.

With PFAS having been detected in groundwater, drinking water and soils across many of our local communities, we’ve dedicated time and resources to coming up with affordable and accessible systems that effectively destruct the compound, while eliminating the risk of disposing another contaminated biproduct.

To reach this stage, we’ve been collaborating with leading researchers from the University of South Australia, who share our vision to not only release a workable solution into the marketplace, but also remediate the stockpiled biproducts stored across the globe.

We believe that our patented technology has the ability to create worldwide success, which is why we offer a number of customised commercial models to suit varied applications. To learn more about the innerworkings, call us.

Help us conquer one of the world’s most complex environmental issues by taking the time to learn about PFAS remediation, and exploring our market-ready solutions. We have both containerised plants and more permanent mountable commercial models available! Call us on 1300 851 469 or email

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