PFAS Treatment

PFAS Treatment

A Focus on Creating Sustainable Systems to Help Industries Excel

Membrane Systems Australia are the national water management specialists, with a division of our business dedicated solely towards PFAS treatment. We stand by the motto of creating “today’s solution using tomorrow’s technology,” keeping sustainability at the forefront of our practice. We design customised waste water remediation systems to recycle our most precious resource. Our systems enable:

  • Industries to meet their production demands without compromising the quality of their products.
  • Local governments to supply adequate resources to people and businesses within their communities.
  • Farmers & those who work within the field of agriculture to provide sustainable feed to their animals and crops.
  • Miners to process minerals and clean their trucks in remote areas, with additional technology available that helps us evaluate the plants efficiency.

Our capabilities in the water management field are extensive, covering everything from potable water and desalination, through to water recovery and PFAS treatment.

PFAS Environmental Groundwater Remediation

The PFAS treatment division of our company is called PFAS Environmental Groundwater Remediation (PEGR). Both Membrane Systems Australia (MSA) and PEGR are locally owned and operated, and the materials, instruments and equipment used within our facilities are all Product of Australia Certified for quality assurance.

So, what is PFAS?
PFAS is an abbreviation for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, which is a class of over 4000 man-made chemicals that are extremely stable and resistant. The issue with PFAS is that they don’t naturally break-down, and can therefore travel large distances through water streams—reaching food streams and contaminating eco-systems.

PFAS chemicals are most commonly used in oil, heat and stain resistant products. They’re also used extensively for fighting liquid fires at defence sites and firefighting training facilities, which is where the problem was initially recognised. Unfortunately, some remediation efforts from other companies have resulted in an equally as contaminated biproduct.

PFAS Treatment
PFAS Treatment

Our PFAS Treatment Methods

We’ve designed a number of both large scale and more compact containerised PFAS treatment plants to offer flexible solutions to our customers. These cost-effective products are the result of our collaboration with leading researchers from the University of South Australia. Together, we have created a multi-stage PFAS remediation process using our very own technology, which successfully removes >95% of both short and long-chain PFAS precursors in a single round of filtration.

Unlike with some PFAS remediation attempts, our products eliminate further waste materials from being sent for external disposal by including a regeneration step. This allows for both PFAS destruction, and regeneration of the captured media. Some of the market-ready products we have available include:

  • Containerised plants for PFAS treatment
  • Varying system capacities with the ability to support up to a 2ML/Day from a single train
  • Remote monitoring & operational support
  • Varied customisable commercial models to suit your production demands.

If you would like to explore the benefits of PFAS treatment, get in touch with our friendly and professional team and we’ll walk you through the process, system options and rewards of integrating this system into your business operation.

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