PFAS Water Treatment

PFAS Water Treatment

Helping Australians with Effective PFAS Water Treatment Solutions

Leading the way in PFAS water treatment, Membrane Systems Australia have been helping both communities and businesses meet their supply demands with effective custom systems that restore water health.

With PFAS detection in water moving to a global-scale issue, our team recognise the importance of creating customisable, versatile and transportable products that offer fast solutions to those who care about the health of their community, livestock and customers.

As a 100% Australian owned and operated business, our team is led by a team of expert in-house water treatment specialists who dedicate time and resources to the continual development of PFAS water treatment. In fact, we’ve dedicated an entire division of our business to this issue which has become the sister company of MPA: called PFAS Environmental Groundwater Remediation.

The systems we build are reliable, fit for purpose and designed for long-term performance. They’re also highly scalable to support seasonality!

So, What is PFAS & Why Should It Be Our Concern?

PFAS water treatment is the remediation of water that contains per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances. This particular group of chemicals (which is a variety of over 4000) is highly soluble in water, enabling large-distance mobility through our eco-systems. Concerningly, this can result in human and animal consumption.

The human impacts of PFAS still haven’t been concluded, but it’s recognised as a toxic threat to animals which raises alarm. More specifically, contaminated water has been linked to issues such as hormone disruption, liver & kidney toxicity, and even cancer.

PFAS are often used in products that are designed to resist moisture, like food packaging (such as microwaveable popcorn bags), non-stick cookware and stain resistant furniture. However, PFAS became particularly problematic in the earlier days when it was extensively used in Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) for defence and military training, due to its fire smothering capabilities.

PFAS Water Treatment
PFAS Water Treatment

Our Research Success

Since its establishment, PFAS Environmental Groundwater Remediation has achieved great success with research we’ve invested in PFAS water treatment. Alongside leading researchers from the University of South Australia, we’ve developed a cost-effective remediation solution that has proven to remove both short and long chain precursors—reaching a rejection level of >90% which is below detection limits.

As the contaminated groundwater moves through the initial absorption and polishing stage of our patented PFAS water treatment process, the contaminated biproduct is then destructed and the extracted media is regenerated. The result is a clean, environmentally friendly solution that is safe for both consumption and use across various industries.

In addition to our PFAS removal solutions, we’ve had great success with a wide number of water remediation projects. This includes potable water, desalination, general water recovery and irrigation systems. Start reaping the reward of clean and accessible H20 with our patented technology today!

Whatever your production demands may be, Membrane Systems Australia can advise you on the ideal system to restore water quality from any source. Contact us to discuss the implementation of your effective system today!

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